Concrete Staining

Tired of having your carpets cleaned every year? Does the dust and allergens that accumulate in your carpet affect your health? Would you like a high end look to your homes interior without the expense of hardwood floors or expensive imported tile? Try the newest trend in home flooring… Concrete Staining!

Concrete Staining is an inexpensive alternative for your home flooring. Did you know that along with staining, we can also score your concrete, giving your floor the look of tile, or even score different designs, such as logos, and Texas stars? The rustic look of stained floors is almost maintenance free, only needing sweeping and mopping. Carpet requires annual cleaning, wood floors must be resealed and treated, and tile can crack needing expensive repairs. The cost of maintenance on carpet, wood, and tile floors is more expensive than the cost of staining most floors. Add a rustic touch to your concrete sidewalks, driveway, patio, or even the interior floors of your home. Our concrete stains are of the highest quality available and come in a myriad of colors. Once stained and sealed, your concrete will be highly resistant to spills and discoloration. The beauty of stained and scored concrete floors will last a lifetime. 
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