This theme provides year-round color. Plants include palm trees, citrus trees, yuccas, agaves and colorful accent plants such as bougainvilleas. Desert-adapted grass can be added for those who want a lawn.

Plants Make All The Difference

When you decide upon a Tropical Theme, you will want to include a lot of plants. Lots of green and wild colors will enhance your tropical illusion. There are many plants and flowers that will grow in any weather conditions. 


Add A Water Feature

What better way to make you feel like you are in a tropical getaway then having a beautiful water feature in your backyard. You can design something small or if you have the space design something magnificent. You can add rocks and stones around your yard along with the plants and flowers. This will add to the tropical feel and bring a more natural look to your landscape.

Ponds And Fish

One great way to bring a tropical feel to your backyard is adding a pond. Even if you do not have a large area, you can make a great looking small pond just the same. To add to the whole tropical theme, add some tropical fish and plants. This will create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere



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