Residential Putting Greens

As a golfer, you probably have wondered about what it would be like to have your own natural green. Well, let us tell you a little of what you might expect. You will need to water it daily. You will need to purchase a special mower and mow it everyday. You will need to watch for diseases and pests, then purchase chemicals to treat them. Oh yeah, don't forget the fertilizer. How does that sound? Now imagine having all the benefits of having your own golf green without the maintenance. No watering. No mowing or expensive equipment. No spraying or fertilizing. Our artificial turf putting greens have the same ball roll, ball holding ability and characteristics as a natural grass green at a fraction of the cost! Did you know the short game makes up for 62% of the strokes in an average round of golf. And 43% of a round is just putting.

So why aren't you practicing your putts? Maybe it is difficult to find time. Or maybe there are no convenient practice greens in your area. How can you improve your game by practicing your short game? We have the answer. Introducing our professional synthetic turf putting green. An affordable alternative putting green that can be installed virtually anywhere - even in your own backyard! Just imagine practicing those crucial shots anytime and conveniently in your own backyard.

See how you can benefit from having your own personal putting green. What do you have to lose - except maybe a few strokes off your handicap?

Our turf is specifically manufactured to simulate a golf course green. We achieve this by filling the turf with coal slag. The coal slag serves two purposes. First, the coal slag will control the speed of the green. The more coal slag the faster, the less sand the slower. Second, the coal slag helps to cushion and hold the ball when chipping to the green. With our turf and this coal slag filling process you will be able to achieve the same true ball roll and characteristics as your favorite course green.

We are able to add undulations and breaks in the green, We can install sand traps, and when incorporated with a water feature, you can have the added difficulty of a water trap. We include a free chipping mat with each putting green we install.

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