Xeriscaping is the act of landscaping using plants that do not need a great deal of water. It is also the more efficient use of water to take care of your landscape. Xeriscaping is becoming more popular in areas that are naturally dry and areas that are prone to drought.

Many people, when they think of landscape with xeriscape think of cactus and rock gardens. The truth is that these types of landscape designs are very efficient and make interesting landscapes. Cacti come in many varieties and can be quite beautiful. Many cactus plants bloom with lovely flowers as well. Cactus can add an interesting look to your landscape, and add a uniqueness and distinction to your yard. If you have young children, however, it is a good idea to choose cacti without spines. There are different types of cactus plants that do not have the harp spines we think of, and there are plenty of other plants, related to cactus, called succulents that are great for xeriscaping.
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